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Kahala has been recognized as an emblematic venue in Les Corts for being the first Hawaiian cocktail bar in Barcelona and Spain, in the guide of the 100 best bars and cocktail bars in Catalonia, the online magazine PUNCH(http://punchdrink.com) specialized in cocktails includes KAHALA Barcelona in the ranking of the 15 most important Tiki Bars in the world  and also has two TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence(2016-2017).


Kahala opened on April 21, 1971, being the first Hawaiian cocktail bar in Spain. Adapting to the taste of the public has always respected the authenticity of its warm initial atmosphere.

Entering to Kahala is an imaginative trip to Polynesia, thanks to the atmosphere of every corner of the place, such as the pond with a waterfall, the sound of birds and tropical fauna, the ceramic mural of Hawaiian gods, the large sculptures of tikis made of volcanic stone and wood brought from Hawaii or sculpted by Spanish artists of the Tiki culture, and of course, the huge jungle-like fishponds with tropical fish and piranhas.

The Tiki culture was born in the United States in the 30’s, with the opening of Don The Beachcomber, a themed bar about Polynesia. It took almost 40 years for the fashionable bars decorated with bamboo and wicker, extravagant cocktails served in tiki-shaped ceramics, and everything else came to Spain, but came stomping.

Only in Barcelona there were 14 tiki bars, but Kahala is one of the few remaining… So it has become part of Barcelona, there is no one in the city who has not gone at least once, couples, groups of young students … so it is common for the mature audience to rediscover the bar when they bring their children, where they met their partner or party with their friends when they were young.

It is also a must for lovers of Tiki culture from around the world when they visit Barcelona.

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